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About www.TeachingValues.com


      Although there is a heightened awareness in our society that that there is something amiss about how to raise our children with strong moral character, the solutions are elusive at best. In some cases, parents equate buying things for their children with caring for them. Numerous questions begin to emerge over the elements of character development that are the key to effective dialogue on the matter.

      www.TeachingValues.com is a family owned business committed to enhancing the ongoing discovery of the foundational elements of teaching basic values that will provide a strong foundation for a lifelong learning process for this and many generations to come.

      We are a web-based education and training center focused on the art of sacred storytelling and accelerated learning methods for children and adults to learn values that build character and personal integrity based on the wisdom of all spiritual traditions and people from every culture. Storytelling has a long-cherished role in the passing on of information from generation to generation. In addition to passing on the wisdom and tradition of one generation to another, storytelling has also played a key role in developing character and positive values.

      We feature an on-line knowledge community comprised of customized stories on values, digital recordings of stories and coaching. Soon to come we will offer self-directed study courses and on-line workshops. We also encompass a stimulating on-line community of people seeking to transcend dogma and create a new synthesis for teaching values to the children of the world, creating enlightened family environments and communities of purpose.

Our Purpose

      We provide accelerated learning methods for children and adults to understand and learn values and principles that build character, community and personal integrity based on the teachings of all the world's spiritual traditions.

What We Believe

      We believe that the truths of all religions will bring us to a collective understanding of the spirit that will empower our children far more than society has seen to date. We believe that the internet will be a key enabling system to reach more people in a timely manner with high quality educational and learning systems that will help teach values to children and parents.

      We believe that all learning ultimately comes from within. We also believe that movement, music and ritual are key components of learning and education. The oral tradition of sacred storytelling follows an age-old tradition of teaching children values through the use of parables and proverbs and allows them to assimilate the moral of the story into their lives.

      One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is a strong sense of personal values. Helping your children develop honesty, self-reliance and dependability is as important a part of their education as is teaching them how to read or how to cross the street safely. The values you teach your children are their best protection from the influences of peer pressure and the temptations of a consumer culture.

      We believe that parents learn best when they see the practical application of what they are learning and that they like to assess their progress through a learning sequence. We also believe that learning should be self-directed and self-paced and instructional materials should accommodate different modes of learning.

      We believe social change needs to be supported through philanthropic and earned income. This is why we formed www.TeachingValues.com as a for-profit entity so that we could fulfill our reason for being. Ten percent of all profits are donated to causes that further the focus on youth.

      We affirm the joy of lifelong learning and invite you to join us in this adventure to create a world that works for all.

Most Sincerely,

Irene Malek, Founder

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