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Custom Made Children's Stories

"The values we impart to our children today, consciously and unconsciously, will have a major impact on society tomorrow. If we continue to leave the teaching of values to chance, we, as a nation, risk losing an integral piece of our culture altogether."
  Pam Schiller and Tamera Bryant
"The Values Book"

      What can we do to ensure that our children will grow up lovingly and with integrity? Besides setting a good example for children, one of the simplest things you can do is to read a story to them that they can relate to that illustrates a principle or value.

      Using stories is far more effective than trying to talk or reason with a child. Because a young child often does not grasp what an adult is trying to explain to him, (especially if it is in the tone of a lecture), it simply becomes not only a waste of time but has the effect of increasing the likelihood of the child tuning out anything that the adult is trying to convey to him.

      A far more effective way to communicate with children is one in which the dignity of the child is maintained and there is a mutual feeling of respect between the child and the adult. This approach keeps the avenues of communication open and feelings of love and trust alivekey aspects in any healthy relationship.

      Stories take the focus of attention off the child so that he or she can look at a situation objectively. This is one of the first steps to solving any situation that is a problem or has the potential for becoming one. This can prevent the child from becoming defensive or resentful.

      If you would like to purchase a customized story for your situation, please fill out the information below.

We have found that it is far more effective to use a different name than the child's name so that they can view a situation with more objectivity. Stating your child's name is solely for the benefit so we may use a name other than your child's.

Special Introductory Price:  
  $160.00 per story
$260.00 per story including graphics and vocal reading.

Your Name  
Phone Number  
Your Child's name  

Alternate Name for the Story Character  
(You may leave this blank if you prefer us to chose one for you)

Value or Principle to be Illustrated in the Story  

Situations/Information to be Included in the Story

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