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www.TeachingValues.com Children's E-Book Stories

"There is a growing concern among conscientious parents that our children are caught up in materialism to the detriment of character, that they are picking up values which place personal gain before ethics, integrity, or love. Many of them have little or no sense of faith or spiritual values in their lives . . . Virtues are the silver thread running through all of humanity's sacred literature as well as the oral traditions of the world's indigenous peoples. (We) view children as spiritual beings whose purpose in life is to have a life of purpose-to develop all the virtues they have within them in potential."
  Linda Kavelin Popov
The Family Virtues Guide

The Not So Foolish Fairy   Illustrates the principle of 'Love'

Read the story of the little fairy, who finds herself in trouble with the elder elves of Fairyland. She must convince them of a better way to care for plants. But before this can happen, however, she takes precious time to save a younger member of the fairy community.
Also included:
'Follow-up Activities' for the story:
   - Daily Practice
   - Other Activities Arts and Crafts; Role Playing
   - Quiet Time/ Self-Reflective Activities
   - Recommended Books and Videos
   - Quotes from various spiritual traditions on the principle of 'Love'

Download the Free E-Book!

Secret of the Flowers   Illustrates the principle of 'Respect for Life'

Read a delightful story that your children will never forget and will gain a new sense of respect for all living things. Trina, the little fairy who we met in the first story of this series, begins this new adventure by getting involved with her neighbor, Mrs. Weatherbie. Through her effort and love for her garden, a special blessing unfolds for Mrs. Weatherbie and her friends, a small group of children. Also included:
Follow-up Activities for the story:
   - Daily Practice
   - Quiet Time/ Self-reflective Activities
   - Other Activities: Respecting Self; Others; Property; Nature
   - Recommended Books and Videos
   - Quotes from various spiritual traditions on the principle of 'Respect for Life'

Download the Free E-Book!

What is an E-Book Story?
An E-Book story is unique because it is the text of the story enhanced by computer technology. It's formatted for clear reading and viewing, with easy-to-use search capabilities. With an E-Book story you can also make notes and highlights that can be searched and printed. Our E-Book story is enhanced with illustrations to make it more enjoyable.

Features of the E-Book Story for Children
a) Story Text Each story is published once a month with the principle and its values embedded into it.
b) Activities for Accelerated Learning Following the story, have fun with the numerous follow-up activities that help anchor and reinforce the concepts that are fun for the whole family.
  1. Questions about the story: Designed to spark a meaningful discussion with your child.
  2. Daily practice: Simple ways of keeping a child’s interest focused day by day on the principle and its values.
  3. Craft activities: Includes 3 or 4 quality craft ideas designed to be successful and fun.
  4. Quiet time/self-reflection activities: Effective methods to help your child focus on the principle of the month and gain self-control.
  5. Role-playing activity: Enjoyable activities that help a child internalize the principle.
  6. Suggested follow-up: Books for younger and older children to read, inspirational subjects to investigate and videos--all illustrating the same theme as the story’s principle.
c) Quotes: Accompanying each story are several pages of quotes from many different spiritual traditions that support the specific principle and its values. These quotes can be used to spark further interest and research about the different religions. Through reading, discussing and possibly even studying these, children begin to see the common thread through all of them and thus gain an appreciation and respect for the spiritual differences among the world's cultures

See the sample E-Book Story Unit

Principles and Values for Children's Stories

Principles and values for children are in a different order than in the document Spiritual Quotes for Life and the Summary of Principles on the website. The list given for children is in the order from the simplest principles to the more complex. The stories will follow this order.

Principles overlap each other, having some similarities to other principles. Because of this, you may notice some slight repetition.


Love Caring, Thoughtfulness, Kindness, Compassion


Respect for Life Tolerance, Courtesy, Cooperation


Self-Discipline Determination, Will Power, Restraint, Obedience


Perseverance Striving, Effort, Confidence, Endurance


Service Purpose, Responsibility, Helpfulness


Harmony Optimism, Co-operation, Enthusiasm


Forgiveness Compassion, Mercy, Understanding


Gratitude Generosity, Sharing, Thankfulness


Devotion Concentration, Calmness, Focus


Purity Perfection, Simplicity, Innocence


Cause & Effect     Restraint, Accountability, Good Intentions


Integrity Truthfulness, Honesty, Courage, Sincerity


Moderation Balance, Moderation, Inner Peace


Faith Trust, Hope, Patience


Humility Modesty, Sincerity, Gentleness


Surrender Acceptance, Freedom, Contentment


Attraction Discernment, Self-Awareness, Courage


Synchronicity Alertness, Receptivity, Courage

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