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James Vollbracht

James Vollbracht

James Vollbracht, President of Higher Ground Associates and author and presenter for the past 16 years has been the guest speaker at Governor's Summits and national conferences across North America on how to create caring, connected, and safe environments for our children and youth. His use of storytelling combined with research provides a compelling message for audiences of how ordinary people are doing extraordinary things to change our culture and create communities that truly care for our kids. His keynotes and workshops are consistently rated "outstanding", and as a father of four he shares with audiences the all to real-life challenges facing parents and communities members when raising kids in a highly toxic culture.

His book, "Stopping at Every Lemonade Stand" which chronicles his work with communities and organizations across the North America, to be published by Viking-Penguin in 2001 captures his work through story and bullet points of how everyone can begin to make a difference right now.   Order the Book

Vollbracht is also the author of 5 children's books that celebrate the rich spiritual traditions of the world in compelling ways.

"The Way of the Circle" is cast in ancient China and tells the story of an old man who takes travelers across the Great River for a single coin, and who teaches all who travel with him that everything you send out upon the river of life will one day return.    Download the Free E-Book!

"Small Acts of Kindness" takes place at the time of the birth of Christ, and in a way that has delighted children and adults traces how one small, seemingly unrelated act of kindness leads to one of the most dramatic events in history and to a very great act of love.   Order the book

"Her Father's Garden" cast in Tibet, has been read live over National Public Radio in Alaska and at several national conferences. "Her Father's Garden tells the story of a young girl who lives in a village high above the white clouds where it is said nothing could ever grow. Yet, this small girl through her perseverance and love plants the seeds of the vision of a higher garden that leads to the transformation of the entire village.   Order the book

"The Golden Lantern" tells of a once beautiful monastery that falls into total disrepair. One evening, an old monk arrives at the monastery with a Golden Lantern in hand and tells the monks an amazing secret. His words take root in the hearts of the monks who are told to keep the Golden Lantern burning until he returns.   (available in October)

"The Miracle of the White Buffalo" based upon the true story of the appearance of a White Maiden to two Lakota scouts. After sharing many secrets with their tribe, she tells them that when a pure, white buffalo is born, five years of darkness will come followed by peace. In 1994, a pure, white buffalo was born in Janesville, Wisconsin, and dignitaries from around the world have made a sojourn to the site to honor this great event.   (available in October)

"The Way of Virtue", written for adults, takes the teachings of Master Kung-fu-Tze (Confucius) and adapts them for a new age. "The Way of Virtue" takes the reader inside the Great School established by the Master Kung-fu-Tze and presents in dialogue form his enlightened teachings on music, poetry, virtue, education, leadership, and many other subjects. These lessons are as appropriate now as they were over 2400 years ago.   Order the book

Higher Ground Associates offers keynote presentations and seminars in how to create more caring, safe, and connected environments for our children and youth. Consistently rated as outstanding, these keynote presentations and seminars can be customized to meet the needs of the audience.


Using humor, story, and research on what is happening in the lives of our kids today, the keynote presentations focus on:

- the five missing keys to creating caring, safe, and connected organizations and communities for our children and youth

- the three key shifts in thinking and action that must occur if we are to be successful

- findings from cutting edge youth related research organizations

- opportunities to reflect upon the dramatic differences our culture has experienced in the past fifty years and what that means for our kids

- ideas of what audience members can do immediately to make a difference


Customized to meet your organizations' or community's' need, Higher Ground offers interactive seminars on:

Creating Safe, Caring, and Connected Communities for Kids

This 1 1/2 to 3 hour seminar includes:
- an introduction to a strength-based approach to transforming our organizations and communities

- stories of what individuals, organizations, and communities are doing across North America

- the importance of involving youth in all facets of the process

- opportunities to network and interact with other seminar participants
Starting and Sustaining a Strength Based Initiative

This 1 1/2 to 3 hour seminar includes:
- the essential keys to beginning a successful organizational or community wide initiative

- examples of what organizations and communities are doing across North America

- the four key areas to focus on when working with organizations from a strength based perspective

- the importance of seeing the process as a paradox: fluid, organic, but structured and doable

You can reach James at or on his website at www.jamesvollbracht.com

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