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Character Building Classics from Nest Family Products

We highly recommend these value-based products from Nest Family Entertainment. With these products, you and your child can experience the lives of history's greatest heroes, inventors and artists, as well as gain greater understanding of moral truths and character-building principles. See how your child's imagination soars when he learns that with the right heroes as role models, he can accomplish anything his heart desires!

Children learn best when they use more of their senses. For example, children retain 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 50% of what they see and hear, but 90% of what they see, hear and do.

Animated Hero Series
Every child needs a hero!

Experience the triumphs of some of history's greatest leaders. See how your child's imagination soars when he learns that with the right heroes as role models, he can accomplish anything his heart desires! Each beautifully animated video and companion 48-page activity book demonstrates an important character trait-like the dedication of Abraham Lincoln or the courage of Harriet Tubman. Our videos will inspire your child to emulate some of history's greatest examples of character and integrity.
Inspire your children with real-life heroes!
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The Inventors and Artists Collection
History's great heroes come to life!

Against a backdrop of stunning locations and costumes, these real-life heroes teach strong values. These engaging and intelligent family films bring rich stories of history's great visionary geniuses to life through the eyes of children. Children learn how much they have in common with people who have changed the world and that such a possibility also lies within themselves. Each video is approximately 1 hour. Ages 7 and up.
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Character Classics
Teach values with classical music!

Creative lyrics are set to the works of famous composers such as Tchaikovsky, Beethoven and Bach. This six-audiocassette series teaches the values of attentiveness, truthfulness, kindness and perseverance. These positive principles are reinforced in two activity books that are loaded with puzzles, lyrics and coloring pages. Also includes a bonus cassette with six additional songs and a Parent/Teacher cassette!
Order Online

The Adventures from The Book of Virtues"

Based on William Bennett's best seller, The Book of Virtues, Zach, Annie and a charming cast of animal characters experience stories and fables from around the world. These videos will help you teach your children valuable life lessons. (These videos are based on the principles of self-discipline, work, compassion, honesty, courage, responsibility.)
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Living Principles of America Audio Series

This audio collection contains powerful dramatizations about America's greatest heroes including George Washington, Susan B. Anthony, Booker T. Washington and so much more. Each one hour tape features incredible acting, music and sound effects.
3 volumes. Each contains 12 audiocassettes and 24 stories
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Jay Jay the Jet Plane
Where imagination takes flight!

In Stories about the first day at school, bad dreams, missing a friend and more, Jay Jay the Jet Plane and his friends encourage preschoolers to feel good about themselves. Children learn important life lessons through each delightfully animated story! Each video has three 11-minute stories.
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