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Products and Services

Our products and services are unique for a number of reasons!
  1. Extensive resources for character building in children.
  2. Activities to match the learning styles of children.
  3. Quality materials based on cultural diversity.
  4. Services and customized products to meet your own specific needs.
  5. Inspiring as well as enjoyable activities for children.
  6. Opportunities to publish your own stories or online courses.
Here’s a list of what we have to offer on www.TeachingValues.com.

Children's E-Book Stories:
Each children's story is based on one of our universal principles and published periodically on our web site making it instantly available for you to download.. (To see these principles and their values for children's stories, go to Summary of Principles)

Available Stories
The Not So Foolish Fairy

Secret of the Flowers

Spiritual Quotes for Life
An eighty-page book containing eighteen universal principles and values as well as quotes from many spiritual traditions-ideal for gaining a deeper understanding of eternal truths. Read more.

Coaching for Parents
Alternative suggestions to help you and your child reach peaceful, win/win solutions. Read More.

Customized Stories for Your Child
A new approach to keeping your cool and the dignity of your child intact through enjoyable stories specifically designed for your child. Read More.

Character-Building Classics
High quality products including video and audio tapes that nurture children's growth in character and spirit. Read More.

Take advantage of these features that are free.
Overall Benefits of Our Products
  • You and your children will gain new insights into the meaning of life.
  • You will have new alternatives that provide win/win solutions to difficult problems.
  • You and your children will have new ideas and activities on how to integrate timeless principles into your daily routines.
  • You can co-create with us to produce material for children that is nurturing and uplifting.
  • You will learn how to build a world that will work for all!

Coming Soon:

On-line training that gives you practical “how to” skills for learning how to teach principles and values that can take you step by step to successful interactions with children.

Parenting courses that focus on character development.

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