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Publish Your Own Children's Stories

Do you have a passion for writing great children's stories?

We would like to collaborate with you and help publish your story on our site even if it has never been published before or is out of print.

  1. www.TeachingValues.com is a family-friendly site and reserves the right to reject any content we regard as inappropriate.
  2. You must certify that the work isn't copyrighted by someone else.
  3. We are looking for children's stories that are inspirational but not preachy. Stories can have a moral to it but it must ring true and be exciting to read.
  4. Stories do not need to mention religious scriptures directly, but should demonstrate high moral values through the courage and faith of the characters.
  5. Keep it positive. Main characters need to be positive role models for children and even though they may encounter negative problems, good eventually wins out.

Who owns the copyrights to the content that is epublished?
You do.

How is work submitted?
Please do not send your documents to our email address since it ties up our system. All work submitted must be sent in a self-addressed stamped envelope or on a disk to our business address:

P.O. Box 860
Gardiner, MT 59030

What happens to documents that are submitted to www.TeachingValues.com?
We'll let you know when your work has been accepted for publication. You'll be contacted by us to help you decide on a price and other details such as author profile before we publish it.

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