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     In keeping with our family friendly site we have developed list of books and videos to enhance moral values and character education. We have chosen only those that we feel to be wholesome, entertaining and non-violent.

Exciting New Book!

Dr. Marvin Marshall, author of Fostering Social Responsibility, has written a new book, Discipline without Stress, Punishments or Rewards.

If you are a teacher or parent, this is a must read book. Marshall has developed a fabulous system that allows children to develop self-discipline and self-esteem. Throw out the rules, the monitoring, the punishment; we know these really don't work, otherwise, children's behavior would be improving rather than getting worse. This is a profound method that has the potential of improving relationships with children as well as setting them on a sure foundation for living. The strategies, based on research and experience, are used across the entire teaching spectrum-in small childcare centers to large high schools; rural or urban; home or youth setting.

If you don't read any other book on childhood behavior, read this one!

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