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Sample Story - Text

By Irene Malek

      Once there was magic garden full of fairies, sprites and pixies who were busy at work, flitting from flower to flower.

      Suddenly, the peace in the garden was shattered by voices coming from behind a large gray rock.

      "Elder Elf, I know itís never been done this way before, but it works," said a young fairy. She looked up into the stern face of an older elf as her pink flower dress fluttered in the breeze.

      "Look here, Trina, just do things the way weíve always done them. You know that we donít water the plants that way," he said as his glasses slipped further down his nose.

      "But when the other fairies put in an order for rain," said the fairy, "sometimes the clouds are too far away. It often takes days for the rain to reach the plants. Many of them turn brown and die!! The Dew Drop Fairy likes helping us!"

      "I donít want to hear any more!" interrupted Elder Elf. "Trina, youíre being foolish. I expect you to follow the rules! " Trina could see by his face that he was annoyed, but she gathered her courage to say one last thing.

      "Oh please see my plants. I promise to use the clouds if you donít like what you see."

      Elder Elf sighed. He could see her determination.

      "Alright, Trina. The elders and I will come tomorrow afternoon and decide once and for all. But just make sure that none of your toad friends are around. I donít like those creatures!"

      Turning away before she started to cry, she began her flight home.

      "Why donít the elders ever want to try anything new or make new friends?" she thought as a tear trickled down her cheek.

      As she flew over the fishpond, she thought about the day Fairy Grandmother was giving her a goodbye hug. She told Trina,

      "My dear, donít worry about what others say. You must always follow your heart and listen to the little voice inside which tells you what is right and how to see the good in everything. Then your life will go the way it is meant to be."

      Early the next morning, the first sunbeam from the rising sun woke her. She jumped out of bed remembering that today was the day that the elder elves were coming. She put on a sunshiny yellow dress and sprinkled her wings with fairy dust. She checked her garden of roses and was pleased to see it sparkling with the morning dew.

      "It looks wonderful! Dew Drop Fairy must have got my order last night for more dew and so the plants have enough water for the day. Now weíre ready for this afternoonís visit from the elders."

      Little did Trina know that something would take her on an adventure that she didnít expect. As she was checking the last golden-pink rose to make sure that the dew had run down into the plantís roots, she heard a faint sound. It was one sheíd never heard before. It surprised her because it sounded so sad.

      "What is it? Someone or something is in trouble! I must find out!"

      Where was the sound coming from? Just as Trina was thinking about what to do, a blue bird flew onto a branch close by her.

      "Hello, Mr. Blue Bird! Do you happen to know what that sound is?" she asked. Mr. Blue Bird looked up and said,

      "Yes, Iím sure it comes from Deep Forest near the Cascading Waterfalls. But I donít know what it is, Trina. Sorry I canít tell you more."

      And off he flew to the meadow.

      "Well," thought Trina. "I know in my heart that someone needs help. And I guess the only way to find out is to go there myself."

      With her gossamer wings shimmering, Trina began her journey to Deep Forest. Soon she was flying over the waterfall and then . . . she spotted it, right on the very edge!! . . . There, overlooking the huge precipice and the foaming water far below, was a scared baby duck, quacking for help. Quickly, Trina swooped down to where the duckling was.

      "Donít be afraid, little duck. Everything will be alright," she said in a soft comforting voice. But all the duckling could say was "Quack! Quack!"

      "Quivering quackers, itís Trina!! Am I glad to see you!!" said a voice. And out stepped Trinaís pixie friend, Quill. His job was to help newborn ducklings but he was always having problems.

      "Quill, I thought you might be here when I saw the duckling."

      "Oh, Iím sooo upset!!" said Quill, wringing his hands. "Little Duckling wondered away from his parents this morning and because heís so scared I canít get him to do anything! And look! Heís so close to the edge that one quick move and . . . heís over the edge!!!"

      "Quill, just calm down. We canít do anything unless we think calmly. First," said Trina, following her heart like Fairy Grandmother had taught her, "weíve got to make Little Duckling more comfortable."

      So they found the biggest leaf they could and put it around him to keep him warm. And with that, Little Duckling sat down on the rock and went right to sleep.

All of a sudden, Trina had an idea.

      "I know! Weíve got to get a message to Little Ducklingís mother and father. Once they get here, they will know what to do! The only problem is that we donít know where they live."

      Just when they thought that nothing was going to work, they heard someone say,

      "Croak! Gonna do some diving, Trina?"

      "Uggh!" said Quill. "Itís one of those ugly toads."

      But Trina didnít pay any attention to him because she knew that all living creatures need a little kindness and besides, the toads had eaten the pesky insects in her garden.

      "Hi, Mr. Toad," said Trina. "No, no, Iím not interested in diving, but Quill and I do need help."

      Then, without even asking Quill, she told Mr. Toad the whole story.

      "But, Trina," whispered Quill, "he canít find Mr. and Mrs. Duck. Heís too slow!"

      Finally Mr. Toad spoke up in his deep toad voice.

      "Uhh, Miss Trina, I think I can help. Iíll send a message to the other toads in the woods. (Croak.) Iíll tell them it has to reach Mr. and Mrs. Duck real fast and that their missiní duck is right here at Cascading Waterfalls."

      "Yes! Yes! Please do it quickly!" said Trina. Quill just rolled his eyes and began muttering under his breath,

      "I donít think itís going to work!"

      Immediately Mr. Toad began to send out his message in his deep voice. The sound was quickly picked up by another toad in the distance and sent on to a different toad until the whole forest reverberated with the deep croaking of toads.

      Soon over the trees and almost knocking over Quill, landed Mr. and Mrs. Duck! With a cry, they both rushed forward to Little Duckling, bringing their wings around him and gently, gently moving him away from the ledge to safety.

      "Oh, thank you for rescuing our baby!!" quacked Mrs. Duck looking at them all, including Mr. Toad who promptly turned a bumpy pink.

      "You have all done a great service this night," quacked Mr. Duck.

      Then Mrs. Duck looked at her watch and said with alarm,

      "Well, we really have to get back to the rest of our family. Iím sure that Mrs. Chicken will be tired by now."

      So with Quill on Little Ducklingís back and Little Duckling on Mr. Duckís back, carefully tucked under his feathers, they flew off toward home with one last "Thank yoooou !!"

      "Iíd better go too," said Trina "or Iíll be late for Elder Elfís visit."

      When Trina got back to the garden, her heart sank; not only were the elders there but . . . the entire fairy community!

      As soon as she landed, Elder Elf stepped forward. He was smiling.

"Trina, we already heard through the fairy network about your brave and kind deed. You thought about others instead of yourself. We also realize that we were mistaken about the toads and that weíve been unkind to them. From now on the toads will be our friends."

      As all of the fairies cheered, Trina looked over at her rose garden with a question still in her eyes.

      "Ah yes, Trina, . . . you do have the healthiest plants in the garden. Starting tomorrow, we will all use the dewdrop method."

      And so, because of one kind and not so foolish fairy, all of Fairyland became a happier and more loving place.

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