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Experience in Tutoring Services

Contact Person: Irene Malek, Founder

My Background:

Irene Malek

    For over 20 years, I have played many roles in childhood education such as; classroom teacher for both public and private schools, daycare head teacher, Montessori teacher, childcare coordinator, and outdoor education instructor for programs involving hundreds of children.

My credentials are as follows:

BA degree majoring in psychology
MA degree majoring in education
Teacher's Certificate for Public Schools
Montessori Teacher's Certification

Over the years, I have gained an incredible range of experience, not only in the diversity of roles but also by working with children from all ages: infants, preschoolers, elementary children and teens. Through all of this experience as well as through academic study, I have an extensive overview of the stages and characteristics of children as they progress to adulthood.

I have a deep soul dedication to see children reach their inner potential while they are still young and impressionable. My goal for children has always been and always will be, to help them reach a state of self-confidence, self-motivation and self-discipline. Mutual respect based on compassion and trust is the key component for a healthy relationship with you and your child.

It never fails to excite me to see children blossoming beyond what we thought that they were ever capable with just a few changes in their world. I have acquired an innate understanding of children and intuitively know how to draw out the best in them that unfortunately lies buried too long. Just as I have seen hundreds of children reached their inner brilliance through these simple tools and techniques, you too will see your own child transformed. It doesn't take a lot!


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