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Recommended Organizations

Value Organizations
Phone Number
American Youth Foundation

(314) 772-8626
camps conferences awards
Association for Moral Education

scholarly research
Association for Moral Education

(205) 348-8146
Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character

(617) 353-3262
Character Building Resources

(619) 943-8962
Character Counts!
training seminars, projects, events, products
Character Development Foundation
(603) 472-3063
non-profit org. that supports schools, homes. Communities
Character Development Foundation

(603) 472-3063
Character Development Corporation

(919) 967-2110
Character Education
Lists organizations the promote Char. Ed.
Character Education Institute

(800) 284-0499
Character Education Institute at CA

(412) 938-4500
Character Education Organizations

Character Education Partnership

(800) 988-8081
Children of the World
(949) 489-3161
equips and trains adults, character clubs, booklets, games music, pictures
Ethical Education: Learning values, Teaching Practices

(914) 758-7431
Ethics Resource Center

(202) 737-2258
Institute for Global Ethics
(207) 236-6658
Jefferson Center for Character Education
(818) 792-8130
Organizational Behavior Teaching Society
Quest International
(614) 522-9165
Values Parenting
parent organization with strong values; Alexander's Amazing Adventures
Values Program
(618) 337-4580
lessons on values, 7 booklets for K to grade 6
Virtues Project
(250) 537-1978
Washington State Partnership on Character Education
(360) 664-2534
World Congress of Faiths
(440) 1865-202751

Web Rings
Phone Number
Christ-centered Homeschooling WebRing   150 web sites
Drew Bledsoe Foundation   Parenting Products and Services, videos

Storytelling Organizations
Phone Number
Children's Page    
Guild of Sacred Storytellers (800) 277-7035 412 Rover Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544
School of Sacred Storytelling (800) 277-7035 18934 Rolling Road, Hagerstown MD 21742
World's Greatest Storytellers (800) 686-1001  

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